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Written by Peter Chau, a Canadian Software Engineer building AIs, APIs, UIs, and robots.

Welcome to the Laboratory One Blog. This is a repository of guides, research, and projects.

Our core focuses are:

  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Robotics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Follow us as we learn to build better systems and products.

Unreal Engine C++ Notes

20 February, 2020

This was writting for Unreal Engine 4.23.0 Creating events There are several types of events that can be created. Let’s look at some…

MMORPG Changelog

10 September, 2019

The following is the changelog for our Free-to-Play, Sandbox MMORPG set in a Techno-High-Fantasy world. Learn more about this game in this…

MMORPG Offline MVP Request for Testers

08 September, 2019

We are building a Free-to-Play, Sandbox MMORPG set in a Techno-High-Fantasy world. We will deliver highly engaging game-play and foster in…

Using a Machine Learning Model in a Web Application

30 June, 2019

This was originally posted to the Tensorpad Blog Why Current trends seem to indicate that software engineers will increasingly be asked to…

Machine Learning Workflows

26 January, 2019

I wrote a short tutorial with Tensorpad to help Machine Learning developers use Cloud GPUs. In it, you’ll build an animal classifier and…

Building a recommendations webapp

24 November, 2018

In this blog post we will explore how to make a simple recommendations website. We will use JavaScript on the clientside to get random…

Productionizing a Machine Learning Model

14 October, 2018

Let’s explore how we can put a machine learning model into production. I’m going to use the 90s pop lyrics generator for this task…

90s Pop Lyrics Generator

16 September, 2018

It sucks that the music industry stopped producing new 90s pop songs like ~28 years ago. It’s kind of uncalled for really. Since our music…

Indoor Agriculture Part 4 - Growing Basil

24 August, 2018

In this final installment of our series on indoor agriculture we grow Basil! I’ve been told that it’s very easy to grow. This makes it a…

Transfer Learning - SpongeBob SquarePants Character Recogniser

07 August, 2018

There is an important technique in deep learning called Transfer Learning. It allows one to fine-tune a pretrained network on new data and…

Naive Object Detector

04 August, 2018

Let’s explore a very naive method of detecting objects in an image. We will attempt to use an image classifier to detect objects and draw…

animeGM Part 3 - Anime Generative Model for Style Transfer

21 July, 2018

In this final installment on Style Transfer using Neural Networks, I will be tuning the implementation from the previous installment. There…

Indoor Agriculture Part 3 - Final Assembly

20 July, 2018

Since the last installment in this Indoor Agriculture series, I’ve assembled the robot and began the testing phase. This phase consisted of…

animeGM Part 2 - Anime Generative Model for Style Transfer

13 July, 2018

Following my initial exploration of Image Style Transfer with Machine Learning in part 1 , a number of steps we taken to improve my best…

Indoor Agriculture Part 2 - Ultrasonic Fogger on an interval

23 June, 2018

This second installment on Indoor Agriculture focuses on building an Ultrasonic Fogger system which runs on a schedule. Once again, we will…

animeGM Part 1 - Anime Generative Model for Style Transfer

23 June, 2018

In this first installment I will explore Image Style Transfer with Machine Learning. The goal is to generate new anime-style images from…

Stream Viewer Mobile App

21 June, 2018

This mobile application allows users to view YouTube live streams. We’ve wrapped up YouTube’s API to build this Android application with…

Indoor Agriculture Part 1 - Grow Lights on a Schedule

27 May, 2018

This first installment on Indoor Agriculture focuses on building a Grow Light system which runs on a schedule. We will use an Arduino Uno to…

Lets Talk - An open-source robot

15 April, 2018

This open-source robot is an example of how one could build a robot which many users can remotely control over the internet. It seeks to…

3D Printer Rig

09 March, 2018

This post documents my 3D Printer rig which started as a Prusa i3. It has be upgrade with a standalone printing server for managing jobs, a…

Chefbot Build Notes

25 February, 2018

This blog post is a relic of my build of Chefbot, a project detailed in Learning Robotics using Python by Lentin Joseph . Chefbot is an…

Continuous Integration and Deployment for Static Web Apps

03 December, 2017

In this post, we will examine a simple toy Continuous Integration and Deployment system. This system will deploy a static web application to…