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MMORPG Changelog

September 10, 2019

The following is the changelog for our Free-to-Play, Sandbox MMORPG set in a Techno-High-Fantasy world. Learn more about this game in this previous post

0.2.3 - 2019-12-05

The major update here is us improving combat by syncing up particles, adding more buffs, spells, and movement skills.

0.2.3 Lightning

0.2.3 Magnify

0.2.3 Multiply


  • gloves should do damage
  • Meteor shower
  • Interrupted skills end current skill in use
  • AI attacking
  • debuff indicator was on attacker instead of attackee
  • debuff affecting the attacker instead of the attackee
  • Debuffs
  • Buffs


  • Convert punch to hold and release and hold
  • Sync process bar with combat
  • Sync critical with combat
  • Sync particles with combat
  • Sync critical particles
  • Sync charge particle size’
  • Crouch for player
  • Increased enemy scaling with a max
  • Don’t start a collision in charge phase
  • Skill cancelation
  • Double jump
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Kill quests support more enemy types
  • Multiply - buff that increases the number of objects spawned by a skill
  • Magnify - buff that increase the size of the object spawned by a skill
  • Leap skill
  • Adjust critical auro
  • increase dash amount
  • scale cast time
  • added layers of aura for casting
  • wrong input cancels skill
  • collisions only turn on in casted phase of skill
  • increase enemy scaling


  • Interrupt logic as hit animation handles this

0.2.2 - 2019-11-19

The major update here is us building out the first city more, and building out crafting more

Street Lights
0.2.2 Street lights

0.2.2 Questboard

Training Grounds
0.2.2 Training Grounds

0.2.2 Smelting


  • Camera issue where when being attacked, the camera boom shrinks to nothingness
  • Fixed building textures so they look more as intended
  • Targeting of actors


  • Animation when hit
  • Street lights controlled by day night cycle
  • Enemy spawn point spawns based on input enemy type
  • npc and training dummy spawn points
  • training dummy
  • training grounds
  • Added names for enemies/npcs based on class
  • Rickshaw NPCs
  • Quest Board
  • NPC Heal for money
  • A crafted item bears the name of the crafter
  • Abstracted crafting manager
  • Success and failed particles to notify user of state of crafting
  • Selection option to items
  • Abstracted crafting material
  • Show only ores when smelt selecting
  • Show select/unselect only when smelt selecting
  • Not all items should stack (arrows and consumables only)
  • Render selected ores when smelt selecting
  • Implement select when smelt selecting
  • Implement unselect when smelt selecting
  • Implement click to heat when smelting
  • Implement temp indicator movement when smelting
  • Create smelting ui
  • Implement polling of temp when smelting
  • Implementing ending of smelting after some amount of time
  • Implement Ingot creation from crafting
  • Implement ore consumption when smelting
  • Implement ore stats
  • Implement ingot stat generation
  • Limit (min/max) ores selected during ore selection
  • Implement accuracy zone scaling for smelting
  • Particles for smelting
  • Assemble stat generation
  • Name of all material Crafters is placed on crafted item
  • Added overlap detection for assemble step

0.2.1 - 2019-11-06

The major update here is that the enemy system has been refactored for better scaling of enemies. They can all potentially use the same skills and items as players.

0.2.0 2 Finger Biped Insect using skills and items


  • Setting the level of the quest creator
  • Setting the current quest
  • Kill quests
  • Enemy items loot when they die
  • building collisions
  • End skill occurring too often
  • End enemies skill when they haven’t hit anything


  • NPC drop loot when they die
  • NPCs and Characters can get arrows stuck to them
  • Abstracted animation montages
  • Sockets to 2FingerBipedInsect
  • Items attach to 2FingerBipedInsect
  • 2FingerBipedInsect can use skills

0.2.0 - 2019-11-01

0.2.0 2 Finger Biped Insect 0.2.0 City


  • make NPCS like players
  • make enemies likes players
  • status point allocation for npcs/enemies
  • skill point allocation for npcs/enemies
  • random skill equipping for npc/enemies
  • npc/enemies using skills to fight you
  • combat manager
  • NPC death
  • Enemy/NPC death animation
  • Enemies/NPC can crit
  • Enemies/NPC can get exp and level
  • Enemies/NPC give bonus exp when they die
  • Enemies/NPC can shoot projectiles
  • buildings to create city a
  • No one should give exp after they die
  • when enemies/npcs level up they allocate new points/equip new skills
  • City pavement
  • players give gold when they die and can go into debt
  • status manager handles gold worth setting based on level
  • Enemy: 2 Finger Biped Insect


  • show player name menu
  • bug where skill points and status points were rendered in each other’s place in menu
  • incorrect setting of active/passive for skills

0.1.13 - 2019-10-23



  • Basic Crafting menu
  • Craft Dagger Button

    • creates a dagger and adds it to the player’s inventory
    • consumes crafting material
    • Implemented multiple of 1 crafting item required
    • Implemented use of multiple different crafting items
    • Implemented crafting recipe
    • Implemented recipe list
    • Error handling for when no crafting material found or not enough of it
  • Copper Ingot crafting item
  • Iron Ingot crafting item
  • Created Assemble UI

    • blocks can be dragged in a shape to create an item
    • Supports 3x3 grid
    • assembly recipe is data driven
  • Added handling of stacking non-equipable items in inventory
  • Implemented drag and drop ui and applied it where it makes sense


  • Bug where the player cannot unequal a skill via the skillbook UI

0.1.12 - 2019-10-15


  • Meteors Shower drops in at an angle
  • Enemy size scales based on their level
  • Enemy color changes based on their level
  • Converted roll to directional roll
  • Added Dash skill
  • Knock back onsite effect, and Imbue Knock Back skill
  • Not enough MP notification
  • Not enough SP notification
  • Out of arrows notification
  • You don’t have enough money notification
  • They don’t have enough money notification
  • No open inventory slots notification
  • Skill is on cool down notification
  • Added new equipment slots
  • NPCs stop moving around when the player is talking to them
  • Gloves only apply damage when there is no weapon attached to that hand
  • Readded hold left click to keep moving
  • bow and arrow can be used in either hand
  • attack, damage, and death sounds to player and enemy
  • particles effects for when you can critical
  • particle effects for when you start a skill


  • Set Exp received to be cursive if you gain huge amounts of EXP
  • Limit to how much exp you can get from 1 enemy base on their EXP Worth
  • Fixed rolling bug by removing the need for a null check
  • Unresponsive UI bug
  • Bug where use could get more items in their inventory than they have slots for
  • Incorrect Consumable Effect in Inventory UI
  • Bug where it takes 2 events before notifications show
  • Bug where sell was accessible when shop is not open


0.1.11 - 2019-09-26


  • Implemented Debuff critical
  • Implemented the Slow active debuff skill
  • Implemented the Burn active debuff skill
  • Implemented Sky casting where projectile rains down
  • Implement cursor aiming where the cursor projects onto the ground
  • Implement cursor aiming radius where there is a max radius in which aiming extends
  • Implement AOE destructive rain
  • Implemented DDR Arrow Casting
  • Implemented multiple input presses for cast on input press a second time
  • Implemented directional casting to determine strength of cast
  • Implemented arrow deactivation after an arrow has been triggered
  • Implemented Osu casting
  • Implement skill Meteor Shower

    • sky cast
    • cursor aiming
    • AOE destructive rain
    • multiple meteor rain down on a target
    • Uses directional casting
    • Uses sou casting
    • Casts on second input press


  • Fixed bug where cast bar could fill beyond 100%
  • Fixed block movement speed
  • Fixed bug where enemy could be hit multiple times with the same skill


September 24, 2019

  • Migrated unrelated functions from player to status manager and skill manager
  • Migrated player functions to correct singletons
  • For testers:

    • 1000 arrows
    • Shoot Arrow skill
  • Removed Cursor Aiming
  • Added zoom aiming with centre aim reticle
  • Removed aim with cursor
  • Add equipment indicator with amounts
  • Implemented Imbue Stun which applies the on-hit effect of stun
  • Implemented handling of stun status infliction



September 22, 2019

  • Added better designs for progress bars
  • Implemented player cast and consume interruption

    • when cast bar is less than 30% full
  • Refactored cast bar fill calculation
  • Implemented enemy cast interruption
  • Fixed bug where consumable and melee attacks did not end correctly
  • Implemented consumable critical
  • Implemented a better calculation for buff critical
  • Increased projectile speed on Shoot Arrow and Fireball
  • Optimized skill cool downs
  • Fixed bug where arrows did not land correctly
  • Fixed bug where arrows and bows did not apply to skills correctly
  • Improved aiming by centering the start point of projectiles as the centre of the caster
  • Stood up dedicated Perforce server and connected to it (this is ridiculous…)
  • Implemented auto-equip after obtaining an item
  • Fixed bug where bow was being shot instead of arrow
  • Increased min movement speed from walk speed to run speed
  • Refactored projectile aiming to use the position of the cursor
  • Fixed bug where arrow is visible the player’s hand when it should be flying through the air
  • Fixed bug where arrows would be in a weird orientation when it hits the gound
  • Fixed bug where after shooting arrow, player can accidentally arrow ride.
  • Refactored UIs not be full screen and not have bold text (yuck)



September 19, 2019

  • Implemented indicators on HUD to show which skills are equipped
  • Implemented indicators on HUD to show which items are used
  • Added skill details to the Skill book
  • Refactored how free look and aiming works.

    • Aiming: looking up and down to move aim reticle up and down.
    • Free look also rotates the player.
    • This makes it more intuitive to aim and attack.
    • It also enables ‘twisting’ your melee attack which allows for better critical timing
  • Rebalanced levelled skills
  • Added critical for self-heal skills
  • Added critical for buff skills
  • Added duration for buff skills
  • Refactored buffs to stack infinitely
  • Implement Buff indicators on the player HUD
  • Implemented Day time/ Night time cycle


September 18, 2019

  • Renamed Weak Attack to Left Hand Attack
  • Renamed Strong Attack to Right Hand Attack
  • Implemented Quick Right Hand Attack and Quick Left Hand Attack
  • Implemented active buff skills
  • Refactored skill start code
  • Refactored skill end code
  • Implement Self HP Heal skill
  • Implement Self MP Heal skill
  • Implement Self SP Heal skill
  • Increased Roll’s SP consumption to 20 usage
  • Added animations for buff skills and item consumption
  • Added bonuses for testers

    • 100 skill points
    • 1000 status points
    • 10 second revive rate
    • 1000 arrows


September 16, 2019

  • Implemented target and chat UI design by the brilliant Bruce Le

    • Chat does not work
  • Fixed bug where the player could not use skills that cost 0 SP when their current SP is 0
  • Fixed bug where the player’s SP drop below 0
  • Bound aiming reticle to camera to make it move intuitive to easier to aim
  • Created SP, and SP/HP/MP potions
  • Added indicator on HUD to show when skills are not equipped
  • Implemented animation scaling for block skills
  • Fixed calculation of projectile speed when using equipment
  • The item effect of consumables are increased by the player’s status

    • HP potion: Item recovery amount + Strength
    • MP potion: Item recovery amount + Intelligence
    • SP potion: Item recovery amount + Agility
    • HP and MP potion: Item recovery amount + Strength + Intelligence
    • HP, MP, and SP potion: Item recovery amount + Strength + Intelligence + Agility
  • Created a Game Start bundle

    • Created Login
    • Created Signup
  • Implemented saving player information to local storage
  • Implemented loading player information to local storage


September 14, 2019

  • Implemented sprinting and running.
  • Implemented SP

    • Stamina points
    • base stamina is 50
    • (agility * 5) + 50
    • Updated regen to also apply to SP
    • Running drains SP
  • Implemented consumable icons in HUD
  • Fix bug where equipping an item did not unapply it’s stats to skills
  • Reorganized skill book so related skills are next to each other
  • Fixed bug where skills did not end
  • Implemented Radar design by the brilliant Bruce Le


September 13, 2019

  • Revamped Player HUD based on Bruce Le’s great designs


  • Updated “exit game” to “log out”
  • Revamped the Player HUD

    • Moved HP, MP, and Player details
    • Removed “CD” from skills on this
    • Removed “Crit” color from skills on this
    • Implemented use of color to indicate when a skill is on “CD”
    • Added Stamina indicator - not yet implemented
    • Added Consumables indicators

      • Shows the currently equipped consumable
      • Shows when a consumable is being used
  • Adjusted Magic Projectile Speed calculation as set by Status Points to be: (Intelligence * 2) + 300
  • Adjusted Physical Projectile Speed calculation as set by Status Points to be: (Strength * 2) + 300
  • Adjusted on-hit exp so that it works as expected

    • (damage dealt / enemy’s max HP) * EXP worth of the enemy
  • Adjusted Critical damage to be calculated as a function of the percent that the cast bar is filled.

    • For Melee skills, this percent is taken upon impact
    • For Projectile skills, this percent is taken upon input release
  • Revamp Projectile mechanics

    • Hold input to charge and start aiming
    • Hold right mouse click and drag to aim
    • Release input to shoot projectile
  • Added status inflicted indicator when the enemy is hit with a projectile
  • Reduced the projectile speed for all projectile skills


  • Added a UI for skill animation progress that is synced to cast/attack speed
  • Increased base jump speed to 400
  • Added fog
  • Updated death message (inspired by Awaken Online)
  • Prevent skill cooldown from trigger when skill was invoked but not used (such as when the player does not have enough MP)
  • Auto-end forward roll skill after it is complete
  • Fix block so that damage reduction is displayed correctly
  • Add cast time for consumables (attack speed + 1 sec)
  • Fixed block so that it does not gain hand damage or weapon damage
  • Implemented NPC roaming
  • Made Critical hits more visible to the user
  • Made Critical hit window more visible to the user
  • Added the Arrow Damage type


  • Reordered inputs in the menu so that they are easier to read
  • Reduce the enemy spawn rate
  • Reduce the item spawn rate
  • Fix consumables bug where too many consumables could be consumed
  • Removed annoying ramps
  • Fix radar so that it works as expected

Peter Chau

Written by Peter Chau, a Canadian Software Engineer building AIs, APIs, UIs, and robots.